Anisman Studios
Early Work

Early Work

Learning to braze and weld. Trying everything.

2008 Sculpture

Sculpture 2008

Working with nails exclusively. Mostly bowls. Creating curves with straight lines.

2009 Sculpture

Sculpture 2009

Twisting and torquing triangles and squares. Working with nails.

2010 Sculpture

Sculpture 2010

More nails. Back to steel and stainless steel rod and sheet.

2011 Sculpture

Sculpture 2011

Sometimes bigger and more complex, more implied curves.


Nail Sculpture

Only sculptures of nails. Nothing else.


Not Nails

Not nails. Sculptures of copper, mild steel, stainless steel.

All Sculptures

All Sculptures

Everything we've photographed so far, alphabetically.


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More Sculpture

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